Erica Solorzano

Los Angeles Unifies School District


More than 9,000 hours of volunteer work is done each year by our members Statewide. We make a difference in the lives of thousands and give back to our community.

Zuleyka Heredia-Jinks


​A2Z Media Group


To reach out to the Chicana/Latina community and provide resources, as well as a family networking system guided by our three pilars: Community Service, Academics, and Social.

"Once an Hermana, Always an Hermana"

  1. 1994 - Founders meet while pursuing undergraduate degrees at UC Berkeley and create Hermanas Unidas de UC Berkeley. 
  2. 1999 - Hermanas Unidas expands to another college campus for the first time and establishes at UC Santa Barbara.
  3. 2000-2013  Hermanas Unidas grows to include 17 other college campuses throughout the State of California. 
  4. 2005 - Hermanas Unidas becomes Incorporated as a 501 (C3) non-profit organization. Hermanas Unidas, Inc votes in its first Executive Board
  5. Alumni Association becomes created in 2008.

Amelia Schutz

Ricki Akiwenzie
Human Reources Consultant

Koff & Associates

During the birth of HaU affirmative action was very prevalent in our schools. We not only faced the challenges of leaving our families but also, we were looked upon as if we were not good enough to be there. HaU was born with the idea that it would provide Latinas a place to find support and acceptance and, through a mutual path of higher education, build bonds that would supass our years on campus."

        -Zuleyka Heredia-Jinks

Bernadette Vargas

Foundation History


Poder de la Mujer: In the face of triumphs and adversity we will exemplify our strength as women and succeed

Our founders

​​​​                       HERMANAS  UNIDAS INCORPORATED​​